Business Model

Business Domain

1)Pharmaceutical Company Specializing in Oncology

Cancer is the leading cause of death in both Japan and China, and is one of the leading causes of death in the rest of Asia.

The Solasia Pharma Group's business domain primarily comprises the development and sale of pharmaceutical products for treatment of cancer.
We are conducting extensive development aimed at producing both anticancer drugs and pharmaceutical products that limit side effects associated with cancer therapies.

2)Focus on Asian markets, especially Japan and China

By focusing on the broader Asian market, particularly Japan and China, which are two of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world, the Group will contribute to advancements healthcare in Asian countries.

Business Description

Risk-Control-Oriented Business Model:

  • Acquisition of rights to promising new drug candidates from biotech companies or pharmaceutical companies in Japan or overseas
  • Business management that limits risk through a focus on clinical development and NDA approval

The Position of Our Business in the Pharmaceutical Value Chain*

Business Model Based on In-Licensing and Drug Development

Business Model Based on In-Licensing and Drug DevelopmentBusiness Model Based on In-Licensing and Drug Development

A standard pharmaceutical value chain consists of upstream functions including baseline research, pharmaceutical studies, and non-clinical development; midstream clinical development; and downstream manufacturing, marketing, sales, and post-marketing surveillance. The Solasia Pharma Group does not perform upstream functions; instead, its businesses are focused on the midstream and downstream functions of the pharmaceutical value chain.

Basic Corporate Management Policy

The Solasia Pharma Group aims to contribute to medical care in Japan and the rest of Asia by acquiring the rights to promising new drug candidates from biotech companies and pharmaceutical companies in Japan and overseas, conducting development activities focused on clinical research in these same regions, and subsequently supplying the pharmaceutical market with completed products.

Management Indicators

The management indicators that the Solasia Pharma Group currently aims to achieve measure increases in the values of pipeline products expected to become the source of earnings in the future, rather than focusing on single-year profit. Expansion in the values of these pipeline products is achieved through clinical development. To achieve these management indicators, the Group will add depth to its portfolio by concentrating on probability of success when selecting and in-licensing new pipeline products and conduct clinical development to enable early product launches while maintaining a high likelihood of favorable outcomes.

Growth Anecdotes

Improvement in Corporate Value  Contribution for All  Stakeholders