CEO Message

CEO Message

Better Medicine for a Brighter Tomorrow Better Medicine for a Brighter Tomorrow

Solasia Pharma K.K. is a specialty pharmaceutical company established to develop and market innovative oncology drugs in Japan and other Asian countries.

With the aspiration of providing high quality medicines to cancer patients, we have been involved in the development of five products to date. In 2018, we launched our first product episil oral liquid® in Japan, and in 2019 we launched our second product Sancuso® in China. In August 2022, we have launched our third product, Darvias®, in Japan. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone involved for their guidance and support in bringing these products to market.

As our company name suggests, our mission is to continue to be the Sun brightening the future for the patients facing the challenges of cancers. Although the road to the launch of a pharmaceutical product is a tough one with many challenges and difficulties, all of us at Solasia Pharma K.K. will continue to take on further challenges and growth, strive to introduce, develop, and provide high-quality pharmaceutical products, and contribute to medical treatment in the field of oncology.

We appreciate your continued understanding and support of Solasia Pharma K.K.

October 2022
Yoshihiro Arai
President and Chief Executive Officer