President and Chief Executive Officer

Yoshihiro Arai

July 1960 (Month of birth)

  • Master's degrees (MSc.) for the graduate school of pharmacy at Tokyo University of Pharmacy and Life Sciences
  • Master's degrees for business (MBA) for the graduate school of Wales

Career Summary

Apr. 1985 Searle Yakuhin K.K. (currently Pfizer Japan Inc.)
Feb. 1994 Director, Clinical Development, Amgen K.K
Apr. 2007 Director, Head of Product Planning, Development, Amgen K.K.
Sep. 2007 Executive Vice President, Head of Development, JapanBridge Inc. (currently Solasia Pharma K.K.)
Feb. 2013 President and Chief Executive Officer, Board Director, Solasia Pharma K.K. (present)

Chief Financial Officer

Toshio Miyashita

November 1967 (Month of birth)

  • Bachelor's degree of Department of Economics, Rikkyo University

Career Summary

Sep. 1997 Innotech Corporation
Jan. 1999 Administration Director, Admon Science Inc. (Transferred)
May 2003 VP Corporate Planning, Sosei Co. Ltd. (currently Nxera Pharma Corporation)
Nov. 2005 VP Corporate Planning, Director, Arakis Limited (Transferred)
Mar. 2007 Partner & Board Director, HIBIKI Partners Co., Ltd.
May 2007 Auditor, ATANI LIMITED
Apr. 2008 Auditor, Value Pharma Co., Ltd.
Aug. 2009 CFO, J-Pharma Co., Ltd.
Nov. 2011 Acting CFO, Solasia pharma K.K.
Apr. 2012 Board Director, CFO, J-Pharma Co., Ltd
Jan. 2014 CFO, Solasia Pharma K.K.
Dec. 2015 Board Director, CFO, Solasia Pharma K.K. (present)
Fumiko Nagahama Head of Product Development Division (formerly Amgen, Roche)
Yasuaki Manabe Head of Marketing Division (formerly Eisai, Oncolys BioPharma)
Hikaru Osawa Head of Production Management Division (formerly Sanofi)
Wataru Kobayashi Head of Reliability Assurance Division (formerly Astellas, Eisai)
Kozo Yao Head of Business Development Division (formerly Kyowa Kirin)
Weiwen (Vivian) Zhang, M.D. General Manager, China (formerly Roche, Chai Tai)

Board Members

Yoshihiro Arai President and Chief Executive Officer
Toshio Miyashita Chief Financial Officer
Stanley Lau External Director
formerly GM, Baxter Healthcare International China
Norikazu Eiki External Director
formerly President and CEO, Bayer Yakuhin Ltd.
Jiro Mizukawa External Director
Director, Executive Chairman, LTL Pharma Co., Ltd.


Susumu Araki External Corporate Auditor, Full-time
Yoshiyuki Yamakawa External Corporate Auditor
Representative Director and President, Hibiki Partners Co., Ltd.
Nagisa Kawaida External Corporate Auditor
Partner of Yodoyabashi & Yamagami Legal Professional Corporation

External Advisors

Kazuto Nishio MD, PH.D Professor
Kinki University School of Medicine

Corporate Advisor

Takashi Ichinose