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Specialized Pharmaceutical Company in Oncology

‘Keep Challenging’ Is Our Value

Solasia’s value is ‘Keep challenging.’
We are passionate to realize as soon as possible and expand ‘what we can do.’ We aspire to respond to unmet medical needs in oncology area in Japan and other Asian countries. We head for further leap with more experiences.

Solasia Quality

Accelerating Development of Better Medicine
That Is Solasia Quality

We strive to produce medicine with efficacy and safety with commitment to improving
quality of life for patients.

Solasia Quality comes from the outcome of elaborate planning and design.

We obtain licenses of promising portfolio from global pharmaceutical and/or biotech
companies, using collected information effectively and judging appropriately, only to
deliver better medicine to patients as soon as possible. We plan and design ‘medicine
most fitted for the patients’ needs from various angles such as efficacy, safety and

Solasia commits to the quality of ‘living’ as well.

We are also oriented to improve the quality of life for patients facing with cancers.
For this purpose, we develop the medicine/medical device not only for therapies to
cancers but for helping to minimize side effects caused by cancer treatment, to support
patients in a daily life.

Solasia’s Resources

Passion and Integrity –
That Enable Us to Do

What are essential elements to work in a pharmaceutical company specializing in
oncology area where continuous challenge and growth are required?
Needless to say, technology and commitment. But also we believe passion and integrity.
We desire to work for cancer patients with professionalism and commitment, and with
passion and integrity, to brighten up the future of patients.
Our work requires us to face life honestly. Therefore, we’d like to think of patients’

Solasia’s Future

Expand ‘What We Can Do’
Together With You
For More Brilliant Life

Our thoughts never change even now and in the future.
We share passion, aspiration and expectation with more people to brighten the future of
people facing with cancers.

We keep challenging and growth by expanding what we can do in the oncology area.

Information for use of our products

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