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We keep challenging – for living brilliant future together


Brightening The Future of People Facing Challenges of Cancers.

‘Sol’ means the Sun and ‘Asia’ the Asian counties in Spanish.

We desire to be the Sun brightening the future of various people facing many challenges of cancers in Japan and other Asian countries.

We constantly pursue this desire, putting it into the company name ‘Solasia.’

What Solasia seeks for

Our Mission

Better Medicine for a Brighter Tomorrow

Our Vision

  • We respond to the requests from patients and health professionals.
    We develop innovative medicines and contribute to improved life and peaceful future for patients to respond to the significant unmet medical needs in oncology area.
  • We are leveraging our expertise with future-oriented to create new value.
    For making this happen, each of us has passions, ethics and high motives, and never compromise with the current status.
  • We lift the company value constantly.
    We keep challenging and growing so that our stakeholders such as patients, health professionals, researchers, business partners, employees and shareholders, society and environment, choose and trust us.

Business Model

Agony of cancers never stop. That is why we stick to the system under which we can bring ‘medicine with high quality’ onto the market as soon as possible.

We strategically focus on oncology area and establish the system, enabling us to deliver better medicines which respond to unmet medical needs in Japan and other Asian countries.

Select promising pipelines and expedite the development.

We obtain licenses of better pharmaceuticals from global pharmaceutical and/or biotech companies and expedite NDA approval through development including the global clinical studies.

We have formed the team to bring better medicine onto the market as soon as possible.

We have organized a ‘hybrid’ team of the few highly skilled core members with experienced CROs in the country and overseas. We promote the clinical studies in Japan and other Asian countries.

We expand ‘what we can do’ with accumulated know-how

We drive the development effectively and proactively through much experiences and results in the past and support as many patients as we can.

Information for use of our products

The site you are about to access is intended to provide information for medical professionals in Japan. It is designed to allow users to better understand Solasia's products.

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