Basic Policy of Anti-SocialForces

Solasia Pharma K. K. has prescribed the following basic policy of anti-social forces and, through
the observance of this policy by all directors and employees, will strive to ensure the
appropriateness and safety of its business operations.

  • 1. We will resolutely work toward not having any relations with anti-social forces.
  • 2. We will work with specialized agencies such as police office and attorney, and handle properly
    in an organized way in order to prevent damages caused by anti-social forces.
  • 3. We will reject any relationship or transactions with anti-social forces.
  • 4. We will take legal actions under civil and criminal codes on the unreasonable demand from anti-
    social forces as necessary.
  • 5. We will not give benefits or make in secret deals with anti-social forces.

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