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Management Team


Yoshihiro Arai
President and Chief Executive Officer, a Board Member (formerly, Amgen, Searle)
Toshio Miyashita
Chief Financial Officer, Director, a Board Member (formerly, Sosei, Arakis, Hibiki Partners)
Shigeru Sakamaki
Head of Product Development Division (formerly, Amgen, Takeda Bio)
Koji Shinozaki
Head of Business Development Department (formerly, Itochu, MPM Capital)
Weiwen (Vivian) Zhang
General Manager, China (formerly, Roche, Chai Tai)

Board Members

Yoshihiro Arai
President and Chief Executive Officer
Toshio Miyashita
CFO, Director
Masahiro Michisuji
External Director
formerly, President and CEO, Novartis Pharma K. K.
Stanley Lau
External Director
formerly, GM, Baxter Healthcare International China
Norikazu Eiki
External Director
formerly, President and CEO, Bayer Yakuhin Ltd.
Tajio Enoki
External Director
Deputy General Manager, Industrial Chemicals Department, Itochu Corporation


Susumu Araki
Statutory Auditor
Koichi Sagiya
External Corporate Auditor
Makoto Matsuo
External Corporate Auditor
Jiro Fujiyama
External Corporate Auditor
Manager, Affiliate Administration Section, Energy & Chemicals Company, Itochu Corporation

External Advisors

Elizabeth Stoner MD
formerly, Senior Vice President of Global Clinical Development Operations, Merck & Co.
Kazuto Nishio MD, PH.D
Kinki University School of Medicine

Corporate Advisor

Takashi Ichinose

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