We keep challenging – for living brilliant future together

Solasia was founded to develop innovative drugs specializing in oncology area and bring them into Japan and other Asian countries.
We have three product pipelines with our aspiration to deliver better medicines to the patients as soon as possible, one product of which pipelines was approved and one product is being examined for approval.
Our mission, as our company name standing for, is to be the Sun brightening the future for the patients facing the challenges of cancers.
For that purpose, Solasia went public on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in March 2017 for a stronger financial basis.
We all keep challenging and growing, address ourselves to develop and provide better medicines for the patients suffering from cancers, and pursue to expand ‘what we can do’ in the field of oncology.
Your understanding and continued support to Solasia would be highly appreciated.

Yoshihiro Arai
President and Chief Executive Officer

荒井 好裕

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